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Luna Metal Buildings offers a wide selection of quality, affordable modular construction.

Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings can be ordered at custom sizes or sizes specified on advertised specials. We build up to 14’ tall. Typical sizes range from 20’wide to 50’wide and can go as long as you desire. Everything is custom ordered so the customer would choose the colors of their buildings, and metal would be ordered to custom lengths.

Options that you can add include: Engineering for code approved, Vertical Roof, Boxed Eaves, Windows, and Walk-in Doors, ….

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Carports come in different sizes, you specify typically from 20’wide up to 50’wide and as long as you like. Smaller sizes can be ordered. Carports come in 2 styles Rounded Frame and A Frame. Rounded Frame carports all have horizontal roofs.

Options include closing gable and/or gables, close gable ends, close sides partially or fully, & framed openings. On A Frame carports you also have the option of adding a vertical roof, and boxed eaves.


Typical concrete slabs are 4” thick and have fiber mesh reinforcement, polyurethane vapor barrier, and 3000 psi. 6” slabs are available as well as rebar. Concrete Footers are also available.

Concrete grading is an option. Engineered Buildings usually require footers.

Why Choose Us

At Luna Metal Buildings and Concrete we strive to build quality custom structures. Whether it is a carport, RV cover, lean to, building or having a roof replaced on your home. We go above and beyond in creating your structure and making your experience not just satisfied but overjoyed. We are a family company with a combined experience of 25+ years. You will not need to make an appointment, just call our office at 336 628 0273 or stop by M-F 9am-5pm. We do our best so that you have the best!!

We build in most areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. We offer a wide range of structures including: carports, RV covers, Lean to’s, Metal Buildings, Metal Roofs, and Shingle Roofs. We can build on ground, asphalt, concrete, gravel, and wood.

Roofing Options

24′ Wide

All 24′ wide buildings include (2) 9′ x 8′ Rollup Doors and (1) Walk-in Door.

28′ & 30′ Wide

All 28’ and 30′ wide buildings include (2) 10’x8’ Rollup Doors, (1) Walk-in Door, Boxed Eaves, & Roof Insulation .

40’ & 50’ Wide

All 40’ & 50’ buildings include (2) 10’x8’ Rollup Doors, (2) Windows, (1) Walk-in Door, Boxed Eaves, & Roof Insulation.

All specials can be customized to adapt for your needs!!!


“Awesome company to do business with these guys was with me the whole way! Give Luna’s a try you will not be disappointed!!!!!!”

– Ken Covington
Great communication and customer service, completed the building within the time frame they said they would and it meets the quality advertised, will recommend and use again in the future.

– John Brown
Luna Metal is top notch in my opinion they installed a 24x26 Wednesday for me and I am very satisfied with my dealings with them from start to finish Frank and the whole staff are awesome to deal with Quality work and cleaned up very well when finished!!! I am truly satisfied with my experience of doing business with them.”

– Dwayne Staley
These folks are AMAZING, gave me a price, STUCK to it, gave me a time, STUCK to it!
Professional, clean, great work! HIGHLY Recommend!

– Stephen Newsome
We had a barn put by Luna, we are very pleased with the turn out and will be posting up pics soon. Definitely recommend.”

– Minerva Lujano
Luna Metal Buildings & Concrete LLC put up a 40x80 metal building for me.
Looks great & couldn't be any happier & i highly recommended this company. They were very professional about there work!

– Tyler Vandiford
Want to thank everyone at Luna metal buildings for making our dream shop come true, it been a pleasure to deal with this company from grading to concrete to building.
Highly recommend them for anyone looking to get a work shop built

– Bianca Macedo
I had a building Installed Very fast and amazing work done by this company, they were respectful and made sure I was satisfied with everything. Very thankful!!!!

– Heather Whitehead
The customer service from start to finish was awesome. Very friendly and helpful. They let you know that they appreciate your business and do everything they can to make sure you have no hesitations in referring them to anyone needing a building.

– Rodney Byrd
“The job they did for me was small. They are an exceptional company! Very efficient, friendly, polite and kind crew. I would recommend this Company to anyone needing this type of service, no matter how small or large it may be! Luna Metal Buildings are the Best! Thank you Frank and crew.”

– Tina Harris